Over the Top about OTT

I love the Fourth of July. It’s become the second most important holiday on our family calendar, behind only the Christmas/New Year week, which is often more work than fun.  But Independence Day, in addition to forcing us all to take pause and consider our freedoms, is about family, tradition and fun in the sun. [...]

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Why You Need to Know about Facebook and “Dark Posts”

We’re not talking about spies, James Bond look-alikes or the NSA.  Nope. It’s a little known tool on Facebook. Facebook continues its exponential growth as an important tool for newsrooms to alert users of breaking news and weather — especially weather. Our research shows users increasingly depend on stations to provide weather information, especially severe [...]

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Adapting to Facebook’s Changing Rules

These days TV station managers understand how valuable and important Facebook is to reach users and viewers. But many find it a challenge to keep up with Facebook’s constantly changing rules and guidelines. Well, fair warning, Facebook is making another change that will impact your news, sales and promotion departments. Facebook wants to handcuff marketers [...]

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Rethinking Outside Media

As you and your team start thinking about your late fall and November media plans, we suggest you question the traditional path you’ve probably taken in the past and make more room for digital options. Where are you spending your outside media money? Chances are the typical places – radio and even possibly newspaper. Usually [...]

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Rise Above the Fray with Election Coverage

We’re coming up on one of the more important mid-term elections we have seen in recent years. Couple this with declining newspaper readership, an increase in partisan driven websites and battles on social media over policies and candidates, and it means there is an opportunity for local newsrooms to rise above the fray. Now is [...]

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Get Used to Thinking Bigger

I don’t know about your summer, but mine includes watching shows on DVR and, on weekends, the occasional “binge-viewing” of a cable series or Netflix show. I’m not alone. This week several network research gurus pooled their knowledge about how viewers are watching television this year. It’s an eye-opener if you haven’t seen the data. [...]

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Summer: Time to Evaluate

Summer is the time to squeeze in vacations, sponsor festivals and, more importantly, take stock of your station’s situation. While HUTs often dip mid-summer this is a good time to step back and re-evaluate your product and promotion. Take the time now to make sure you’re on track with your goals, your strategy and timelines. [...]

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Advice for the Last Half of May … Honesty

Are you doing real local news? Relevant news? I’m not talking about the robbery at the 7-11; the two druggies on the street corner that shot one another; or another suspicious package that turned out to be someone’s lunch. Are you telling honest to goodness stories? Be critical of your newsgathering. Are you really digging [...]

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People are Watching TV… but what about local news?

Look at your numbers over the past several years. Chances are your late news shares are down — in many markets, down double digits. Meanwhile people are watching television in huge numbers. Prime time has seen great numbers, cable is doing well, the Academy Awards were up, and then there’s Netflix, Hulu and the other [...]

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