If Your Apps are an Afterthought, Rethink Your Priorities

What’s the first touch point for your brand on a daily basis?  For increasing numbers of local television stations, that answer is “an app.”  More than many newscasts and probably way more than your website, the app is a growing point of contact for consumers.

So who is producing app content in your newsroom?  Chances are it is someone’s “side job.”  It usually falls to a digital editor who is busily cutting up content for the web and perhaps Facebook.  And I will bet you that the app display isn’t even visible in the newsroom.  I haven’t seen one on a monitor in any newsroom I’ve been in recently.  What does your content look like on the phone screen?  Is it new, or dated?  Is the weather forecast six hours old?  Do you create content by daypart for mobile users?

Newsrooms are “push alert” crazed, but what do users see when they open their app?  And what does it say that our brand’s first impressions may come from a product that is constantly in user’s hands, but remains an afterthought in how it is produced?

If you’re leading the pack with how you produce content for your apps, we’d love to hear about it.


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About the Author:

John has more than 30 years of experience in the television and media industries. He has served television networks, station groups and other media companies of every size from across the country on behalf of CJ&N for the past 14 years. John also currently serves as President of the Professional Advisory Board of the Iowa School of Journalism. Prior to joining CJ&N, John served as senior television consultant and manager at Frank N. Magid Associates and held on-air and management positions from Orlando and Tampa to Minneapolis. He’s an Emmy Award winning writer. John earned an MBA and a BA in journalism from the University of Iowa.