Stations Can Save Lives with Social Media

By Steve Schwaid, CJ&N Vice President of Digital Content

Clients often ask: What are the best content elements to tweet or post on Facebook?

The answer isn’t complicated:

  • Obviously, breaking news and breaking weather.
  • Stories that are top of mind, relevant and have viewer impact.

Often, stations over-think it.

Here is a great example of a post that is local, relevant and a potential life saver pushed to Twitter –  and it did not come from a media company.

This Tweet is from a police department. Its social media person posts good content daily. In this case, he/she was thinking about their followers with this post dealing with the hot summer weather and the recent deaths of kids left accidentally in locked hot cars.

There’s little question that those with kids and pets paused for a moment as they read this tweet. That’s engagement.

This is a great tweet that you could be sending, providing life-saving information with updated weather information while providing a public service.

Sometimes stations post just to meet a “daily quota” and may miss the real story of the day – the story that may have an impact of viewers throughout the market.

Consider Tweets and posts like this one. You could save lives, and it doesn’t get any more engaging than that.

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