About Laura Hernandez

Laura has been coaching TV news anchors, reporters and program hosts for more than 20 years – the past 15 years on behalf of for CJ&N, Inc. Prior to that, she worked as a producer and in syndication. Laura's clients span a variety of market sizes -- from Reno to New York – and include professionals from local television stations as well as cable and network news organizations. ​Laura is adept at making connections with people so their experience is positive and productive. She strives to help individuals not only grow to reach their greatest potential, but make choices that make sense for the team and reinforce the strategy of the organization. Laura's approach always includes leaving people with actionable points to help them reach their goals, points that help managers carry the torch, and complete accessibility for follow-up that ensures lasting change.

News Anchors: Listen to the Boss

So, Bruce is on Broadway … and has received great reviews for what he calls his first real job, Springsteen on Broadway.  But this blog isn’t about his music. It’s about his philosophy… a philosophy worthy of all our consideration, and directly applicable to news delivery.  In a very insightful New York Times article (link), [...]

Using Coaching to Give Your Staff Room to Grow

A discussion this morning with my colleagues on offering push notifications prompted further discussion and thought about why it’s so common in this business to boil things down to yea or nay.  Crosstalk or no crosstalk, instead of, what kind, or how to do the best. It is a frustration of many managers I work with [...]

Simple Fix for Weak Storytelling

Good storytelling begins and ends (especially begins) with good communication. And it’s really pretty simple: start with a strong lead sentence that “tells them what you’re gonna tell them.” You know, the one your English and/or journalism teacher insisted on. There’s a reason for it. When you start with a strong lead sentence that tells [...]

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